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Vertical Blinds Panel Blinds

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Vertical blinds are the elegant solution for your lighting and privacy needs, and are perfect for adding height to a room.   Now available in traditional 'thin' and wide panels, to suit different room types and applications.   Like all fabric blinds, we have a colour or pattern to suit your individual taste and style.


Features of Vertical / Panel Blinds

Perfect Control:
Rotate the blades to your desired angle, and adjust the levels of light in your room with a twist of a wand, or cord and chain. Draw the blinds back from the window for maximum view and light, or close completely for light control and privacy.

Fashion Colours:
Vertical blinds are are available in wide range of plain and patterned fabrics to suit your decor. Choose your desired fabric weight; from sheer through to block out.

Tailor Made:
Vertical Blinds can cater for all your window needs - from very wide window openings, to sliding door situations.

Slim or Wide:
Vertical Blind blades are available in two widths.


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